Adobe Work

This is a collection of some of the work that I've done using the Adobe suite.


The above project was from my Placing class and illustrates how much waste that a single person creates, focusing specifically on packaging from food waste. I collected water bottles from a couple friends over the course of the semester and then used the resulting bottles to create a replica of a refrigerator. I used this as a stage to photograph the waste that I created from food packaging and containers over the course of a week. I then combined this with research to make an argument that we should be working on developing new ways to package food that is less destructive to the planet and more efficient .

Naturing Rausch.pdf

The above project was also from my Placing class and focused on the interaction between the human and the natural world. I photographed places where ivy grew up buildings or moss squeezed its way between bricks and examined how it represented the way that humans see nature. We opress the natural world and make the convenience of our lives priority over anything else, instead of designing our world to be mutually beneficial for humans and the environment.


The above project was also from my Placing class and I worked with a partner to create this InDesign document that compared and contrasted the neighborhood I lived in to his. We started by photographing each of our respected neighborhoods and then making lists of similarities and differences between each of them. We also each interviewed people from each neighborhood to gain a better insight into what it's like to live there and why they chose this place to be their home.


The above project was also from my Placing class and a partner and I created this InDesign document that examines the role that objects or stuff has in our lives and its effect on our personalities. We each collected belongings that had a story behind them or a large amount of personal value. It was a bonding exercise for me and my partner to retell tales that are connected to each of these objects and learn more about each other. This made me rethink the way that I saw material things, less as a negative and more as a part of our identity.

Both of these pieces I made in my high school digital art class using Adobe Illustrator.