Cardboard Carrier

This was an assignment for one of my classes at CMU which required me to make a carrier for a specific object made entirely of cardboard. My assigned object to carry was croissants.

These tubes made of cardboard were a starting place for me to learn how the material can be manipulated. I didn't have much experience with using cardboard as a build material so this taught me about how it flexed, bent, and folded.

I decided to try and make a type of basket out of cardboard to hold them in. I wanted to stick with the idea of the basket being able to fold up into a flatter form so all the ideas I came up with in this prototyping session were able to fold relatively flat.

Above is a quick sketch that I did for my next model that I was prototyping. I wanted something that was based more on the shape of the croissant and that could support them better.

This is the result of that prototype which was closer to what I wanted the end result to look like. I think making individual chambers for the pastries worked really well and helped make the design seem more like it was designed with the croissants in mind. This design has some large issues however, since the pastries don’t seem very well protected and the handle makes me skeptical of its ability to hold up the croissants.

Above is another quick sketch that I did for my next model that I was prototyping.

This is the result of my next prototyping session which made a much more structured carrier that also protected the pastries more effectively. I eneded up using the design on the right for my final.

Above are pictures of the outline for my carrier that I designed in Fusion 360 and then after I printed it out in full scale and used it to cut out my carrier. This allowed me to get exact tolerances on the tabs that I was using to hold my carrier together.

My final design takes advantage of the diamond shape of a croissant to make a carrier that is compact, symmetrical and covers to croissants to keep them fresh.