Earbud Case

I designed and printed this case when I found that I was having issues with my earbuds tangling in my pocket.

The image above shows how my design evolved as my thinking was refined through an iterative process. The most difficult consraint on this design was that the plug and ear pieces of the headphones have to fit somewhere, yet I still wanted the case to be able to fit into my pocket. I started by just making almost a donut shape for the wire to wrap around, but the jack and buds stuck out and made it difficult to put a case over the top. Without the case the wire would unravel in my pocket. So instead I opted for a curved S shape that allows the buds and jack to fit in the center and the cord to wrap around. This taught me valuable lessons about form and how to design with efficiency of space and material in mind.

The red plastic on this case is 3D printed PLA and the opaque covering is 3D printed TPU. This allows for a sturdy bottom with a flexible top that can be removed easily and stretch to fit over the bottom.