Industrial Scientific Corporation

Sponsored Project

For my junior year studio, Industrial Scientific Corporation sponsored our class to ideate improvements on their current product line. We were each given a product to work on and a team to make a product system.

The product that I was assigned to improve is the DSX Docking station. The main pain points that I identified in this product were: too large/bulky, not very portable, unclear light indicators, and no stack-ability. The most pressing being the bulkiness and inefficient use of space.

My process started with a large amount of notes and thumbnail sketches so I could understand the current product and detail the flaws that I would like to address in my redesign.

Many of my ideas explored making the docking stations modular and how to connect the individual docks together.

My original idea to add more versatility was to make the docking station modular. I experimented with some sketch models how these individual docks could connect and separate.

My team and I worked on how to integrate the charging dock into a larger unit of drawers. I ultimately went in the direction of making a case that held multiple units. This case could then be optionally stored in a cart to add further portability. I chose this design over the modular single units because the smaller units would be easier to damage/lose, and less durable overall.

Above are some sketch models that I made to conceptualize what these cases of gas detectors would look like.

I used Solidworks to define dimensions and spacing as well as consider how the two halves of the case would interact.

I moved towards a more finalized physical model for our mid-way meeting with Industrial Scientific management. At this meeting, I received more positive feedback toward my crude modular sketch models than my finalized case model. They liked the flexibility that comes with a more modular design and I learned some of the workers take their docking stations out of the field. After this meeting, I returned to my previous designs and reconsidered how to connect/disconnect individual docking stations.

I decided to make the dock stackable to reduce the amount if space that the product takes up on a desk. My design allows for the docks to slide together and stack via a track on top and slides on the bottom. The docks can stack or be used as individual units. After stacking, the gas monitors inside are still able to be removed and re-placed.

Above you can see the final model 3D printed in PLA plastic alongside renders made in Keyshot of the final product.

To the left is renders of the final product system that my team and I created. We wanted our visual brand language to portray "confident yet approachable".