On-the-go Meal Experience

This project was for my junior year design studio. We each interviewed a friend about their lunch habits and then designed a unique meal experience based on their preferences that integrated an existing brands visual brand language.

I first interviewed my intended user and created a persona to base my designs around. The main habits of Sally that I focused on in my design is the fact that she often has to carry around 2 meals because she is an EMS, and she loves coffee but doesn't have somewhere to store her empty coffee cup in her backpack.

I spent much of the beginning of this project generating concepts through sketches of more efficient ways that Sally could carry 2 meals.

Above are some sketch prototypes that I made of options for holding 2 meals.

This is the prototype for my final concept crafted from cardboard which can hold 2 meals and 2 snacks. The empty space is intended to hold Sally's coffee cup. On the right you can see the size was intended to be able to fit into both of Sally's backpacks.

I then spent some time analyzing the brand Beautiful for their visual brand language and thinking of ways to incorporate this into my own design.

Above is my final physical prototype made from high density gray foam.

Above are the final renderings of this product, made in Keyshot after being digitally modeled in Solidworks. To align the brand language, I made the handles on the lids mimic the shape of the interaction points on Beautiful products. I also gave a slight curve to the body of the product to soften it.