Geoform Stool

This project was for my second-year design studio. This project required us to use a single plank of wood to create a 4 board stool with exclusively 90 degree relations that could support our weight.

My exploratory process for this project involved a large amount of foam board models at 1/8 the scale of my full stool. I struggled to find a form that was both stable and had a seat base wide enough for my hips. Many of my original designs attempted to allow the stool to slightly lean back when you sit down. I became frustrated with how much this design limited me for the rest of the stool because there must be a board long enough to make a backrest which left little for the other boards. The design I landed on drew me in due to the negative space created in the seat pan cut out and the balance between the legs flipping each direction.

I passed my design off to my classmate, Jayden Liu, and was given my classmate, John Henley's, stool to fabricate. John's stool was simple, but due to how symmetrical the design was it made it very difficult to fabricate. The process of making the stool included using the: circular saw, jointer, planer, table saw, band saw, router, chisels, and orbital sander. Many of these were new tools to me before this project, but I am now proficient with every tool in the shop.

Jayden did a great job with fabricating my stool and I couldn't be happier with the result. Looking back at this project, I very quickly learned a variety of new shop skills that have opened up woodworking as a new way for me to express myself.